Balance 310 keeps freezing when downloading big files


We have a Balance 310 and we still have a bunch of problem with it. I’ve reset it, started from scratch but it keeps freezing at at least stops working and all internet connection get lost.

Application that tends to cause this mainly Creative Cloud Desktop when it downloads updates, which takes up all bandwidth even if we have set load balancing and have cable 60/12 and one Fiber 50/10 WAN connections. It’s like it max’s out and crashes or something. BitTorrent is another app that tends to crash it altough we don’t use this very often, but almost each time someone (mainly my boss) updates his app with Creative Cloud, it crashes the Peplink Balance 310. Not good!

I’ve read on a blog that you can actually hit a wall when you get to the max the Balance can go to and it basically gives up and crashes. Is is possible? We are a small business of 12 employees, in the spec for that device, it’s suppose to handle 1-50 users, so what’s the problem?

A bit more detail, I had set the outbound rules as the default, with HTTPS persistence, and Default Auto. Would changing this to full auto High compatilibity availability change anything?

I see in the spec that the total throughput of that device is 100Mbps, since we have a 50 and 60 down connection, and it goes beyond the 100Mbps, can this be the reason it crashes? Would we be better served with the Balance One, which has 1Gbps throughput?

Thanks for any help or advice on this.


It could be possible that you are over driving the unit. If you could open a support ticket, a member of our technical support team will be able to take a closer look. I would also agree with you and would recommend the Balance One as it will match your current speeds and you will benefit for future use should you want to upgrade a WAN connection.

Also, please make sure you have defined the correct up/down speeds for each WAN connection.

Tim, I’m sure these are ok.


We are using the Balance 310 for load balancing between our two WAN connection, DHCP server, VPN (PPTP), to access 2 servers (a Synology NAS and a mac which run Filemaker Server, daylite server and FTP). Would the Balance One do all this? Just don’t want to buy something that doesn’t do something we take for granted.

I already had a ticket for a similar issue, that is the Balance keeps on crashing [Ticket #742207]. You were the one who emailed me by the way. I disabled NAT and UPNP, but had to reenable UPNP because of some apps we use. So, still no better then before I’m affraid, even after reseting the whole thing and starting from scratch. It is still very unstable. Firmware is 5.4.9 build 1989 for your info. Can’t get the 6.x as I’m not eligible for that upgrade.