Balance 310 how to upgrade firmware


Hi Peplink team
i new in this blog, 2 years ago i brough a Peplink Balance 310, i remember that balance has a option called Web Blocking but i cannot to find it now, my question is i need to install another firmware or could you please tell me know how i can to block any webpages or domains.

this is my firmware actualy

Firmware Upgrade
Current firmware version: 5.4.9
No update available


What is the hardware revision of your device? This is shown on the Status page.


Hi thank for answering

please see the bellow detail on the Status page

outer Name Balance_EB06
Model Peplink Balance 310
Hardware Revision 1
Serial Number 1824-4B7E-EB06
Firmware 5.4.9 build 1989
Uptime 1 day 9 hours 42 minutes


Sorry, but HW rev1 cannot be updated past 5.4.9 firmware.


Hi Tim

Its Victor again

its too bad do not have the webbloking on my balances, but could you please to let me know how i can block any webpages like facebook, youtube etc. ussing the balanceĀ“s firewall or outbound rules.

help me please Tim.