Balance 310 Fiber 5G - no second WAN port?

Hello. The marketing info shows that the one of the 2 SPF ports can function as a WAN port, but can’t find any other documentation about it. The configuration portal only shows 1 ethernet WAN port and the cellular ports.

Also, the Mobile Internet WAN port is supposed to work with the USB devices? it doesn’t work and the settings are different from other models with same firmware.
Any help would be appreciated.

Here is what I see in our Fiber 5g.

Thank you for sharing. Mine doesn’t show the same options. What firmware version do you have?
The connection 4 doesn’t show that blue question mark icon.

Firmware info:

@Michael_ward_Cohen, it looks like the Dashboard showed a Balance 310 5G instead of Balance 310 Fiber 5G. If the product code indicates it is a Balance 310 Fiber 5G, please log a support ticket for the team to take a closer look.

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I agree, thanks for the comment.