Balance 310 - Dual WAN with same ISP

Hi all,

we have a Balance 305, working fine with one internet connection but not until we installed another new internet connection, these two services are with the same ISP.

Every now and then, we keep getting “health check failed” by email (as below) on both WAN randomly, could be a few times a day, could be a week, and when this happens, we’re getting call from client that the internet is not working, but the service will come back as normal without changing anything.

Current health status for all WAN:

WAN1: Disconnected (Health check failed)
WAN2: Disconnected (Health check failed)

Further checking, we found out these two services have the same gateway from ISP, we suspect this could be the issue that mess up the routing table on Balance 305.

If this is the issue, without moving the second connection to new ISP or adding a router between modem and Balance 305, can this be done from Balance 305 configuration?



  1. Both WANs are using static or DHCP IP?

  2. What is the IP address for both WANs and LAN?

  3. Can you share the screenshot of the health check settings for both WANs?

Hi TK,

  1. Both WANs are using PPPoE, then ISP assign us with static IP.

  2. I can’t provide you the exact WAN IP, but it look like:
    WAN1 -, with gateway
    WAN2 -, with gateway
    LAN - network, gateway (Balance 305 itself)

  3. I received the “Health check” message from email, by enabled the “Email Notification”, then we can receive email if anything went down. There is no health check settings from GUI.

Hi TK,

Sorry, just thought of there is a health check setting, as below:



Same gateway for PPPoE connection should be fine. Not much idea here. Please help to open ticket for us the check further.