Balance 310 - Changing Lan settings from /24 to /15 - now unable to access Admin

I’m experiencing a connection issue to the Peplink Balance 310 when attempting to change the Subnet mask for the LAN IP address configured on the device.

The Peplink acts as a gateway to the internet only. When changing the LAN IP address on the peplink from: (/24)
to (/15),
it becomes no longer possible to access the Admin interface.

I’ve tried altering my PC LAN settings to try gain access, both have no effect:



I’m still unable to access the device. Could anyone assist with identifying what the problem might be please?

Are you connected through any other routers? Are you connected directly to the Peplink? If there are other network devices in the chain, make sure that they have the appropriate subnet mask and default gateway.

The Peplink is connected directly to the network through unmanaged switches. There were no routers on the network at the time of testing, I also powered off the DHCP server, but this didn’t help.

During testing, I had no problems connecting to other Windows Servers that were running on the new and old subnet mask configuration. I just could not connect to the Peplink.

I may need to isolate the Peplink completely to see if the problem still occurs. I can’t find any known issues in the forum regarding the LAN setup and changes to the subnet mask.

Thanks for your assistance : )

This is not a valid configuration. 192.168.x.x is a class C network and the highest you can go would be /24.

If you move to a Class B you could go up to a /16 but if you really need a /15 you would need to configure a Class A network.

This online calculator is a good resource:


Thanks for explaining! Will make the appropriate changes.