Balance 310 5GTemprature

our Balance 310 5G gets quite warm even in idle state.
Right now it reports 65°C in idle state in a quite cool room (21°C) without exposure to sunlight.

Is this normal?

I realized that it gets even hotter when in heavy traffic mode. Any comments on this if this is a normal behavior of this device?

Thanks and cheers

For the sake of comparison : I have a Balance 305 that operates at very moderate load (typically <10% CPU load) and also shows a reports a temperature that is somewhat concerning.

My device is mounted inside a closed 19" rack with some other network equipment. The rack is ventilated, but the ambient temperatures are on the high side, typically around the 30 deg C mark. Under these conditions, the device reports temperatures of between 60 and 70 deg C. Fan speed is typically around 5000-6000 rpm.

20220306 snapshot.JPG|611x235

From the value, one assumes the sensor may be measuring the case temperature of one of the chips rather than an “internal case ambient” temperature.

So far no issues, but personally I would be happier to see this figure lower.

We have deployed 25 units of this model. They are operating between 45 and 69C. The higher temped ones are inside closed plastic enclosure/suitcase, but they are also more heavily used with 200+ concurrent users.

Keep in mind the unit is passively cooled and the SoC is quite strong. So it can get quite hot.

Not sure what the limit is for the SoC.