Balance 310 5G antennas

I see that 310 5G has six SMA connectors, looks like 4 for radio 1 and 2 for radio 2.

How are those four for radio 1 used and how should they be connected? What kind of antennas does it support and what about antennas with only two SMA connectors?

Hi pmaa,

you’ll find 2 antenna connectors up to CAT12 cellular modules. for CAT 18 and higher you need 4.
With CAT 18 you can use 4 frequencies (bands) at the same time.
Have a look at the Puma 401 antenna

If you use only 2 connectors, I’ld recommend to terminate the opened 2 with 50Ohm or use the included antenna.


Thanks for the info. So if I understand correctly I will lose maximum theoretical bandwidth and MIMO benefits if using only two connectors. Do I lose something else?

And if using only two connectors, which ones should be terminated? For 310 5G the connectors are named 1A - 1D. Or does it even matter?