Balance 30LTE with 2 Iridium sat systems

Hello, I have a problem setting up the Balance 30 using 2 Iridium Sta systems on the 2 WAN ports. While one unit is in the same IP range as the Balance i still cannot access it.
the other one resides on a different IP address and has it’s own DHCP server. Can i set that on a VLAN?

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Hi @peter.tans
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It is recommended that the LAN and WAN IP ranges are different. (If the are the same, you will not be able to access the Iridium administration page)
For example, you should have the IP addresses set up like below (you can use any range, just as long as they are all different ranges);
Balance 30 -
Iridium 1 -
Iridium 2 -

If you need to log into the Iridium to enable internet access, you will need to create an outbound rule with the following rules;
Source - ANY
Destination - “IP address” that you need to access on the Iridium e.g. (You could also use IP network -
Protocol - ANY
Algorithm - ENFORCED
Enforced Connection - (WAN of Iridium)

You would then repeat this rule for the other Iridium connection.
Hope this helps