Balance 305 -vlan question

Hi All
I have a 305 balance with static IP and is my gateway.
my DC does dhcp.(server 2012)
I have read that you can create Vlans on a balance 305 when it is a dhcp server.
can you make the balance know there are vlans with out it being a dhcp server or do you have to create static routes to layer3 switch.
or do I make my 305 the dhcp server and stop my DC from do it.
thank you for reading.

Hi Rod,

Base on the description given, basically DHCP relay function should able to help you relay all the DHCP request to the Window 2012 DHCP server . Again to confirm which device should enable DHCP relay it all depend on your network design.

Possible to share us the high level network diagram for your current network ? (Make sure Layer 3 network info is included)

Thank You

thank you for reply
I was able to create static route on balance 305 and then add this to layer3 switch and point my Vlan to this static route.