Balance 305 two lan routing

Hello everybody,
I have a balance 305 with the LAN1 port connected to a switch on a network and the LAN2 port connected to another switch with a network.

there are no VLANs in both networks

I simply have to make the 2 networks communicate with each other (directly connected) but the peplink does not do the routing.

i tried to add a second address to the untagged lan, but the routing between the two networks doesn’t work.

I tried to create the network as vlan 10 and configure the port as “ACCESS” and put the flag on “INTER VLAN ROUTING” but also in this case the routing between the two networks doesn’t work.

the firewall rules are all open.

I don’t understand how to do it, on cisco routers, watchguard and others it is very simple.

thanks to those who can help me


This should be easy. Add the 2nd VLAN on the Balance set LAN2 as an access port for it as you have done and then routing should just work.

I assume the devices on each subnet have the balance set as their default gateway?

Maybe share screenshots of your LAN settings.

the network has as default gateway and the network has

unfortunately it doesn’t work and I don’t understand why

I forgot ... I updated the firmware to the latest version 8.2.0, but nothing to do

From a device on each vlan / network, try pinging the LAN IP of the Peplink in the other network / subnet. Can you ping it?

Dear Martin,
I discovered the mystery, the peplink still in test, in production, there is a watchguard with address and 172.160.254 / 16. the routing between the 2 lan of the peplink works only with the pc that have set the peplink as gateway and not with the rest of the network that has the watchguard as gateway, even if the reason escapes me, since there are no vlans.

now i will test other features of the peplink, which i really like :-).

Thanks a lot for the support!

Makes sense. Glad you found the problem.