Balance 305 -Setting up external to internal IP for incoming connection


Local police need access to our internal sec. camera server using the company app.
1- Inbound access server set for 192.168 yada yada
2 -Inbound Service set for ip address wan 1 ip 50.192 yada yada; server chosen same as mentioned in step
#1, tcp any; upnp and nat-pmp both enabled
3 -inbound dns - nothing set
4 - firewall access rule set for any/wan1/source ip from step 2/destination ip from step 1; connection allowed

Can ping server from outside network, but can’t connect to port 80. Any idea what I’m missing? Firewall NAT is not my particular forte. Thanks!


Port 80 is often in use by the Balance web management interface. You could try changing that away from port 80 in System > Admin Security and then see if your port forwarding works.

If not, post a screenshot of your settings here in case we can spot something obvious.