Balance 305 question

On the dashboard page of the UI, at the bottom there is a device information section. In that section, there are throughput numbers, up and down. I have noticed that sometimes, the numbers don’t match the status-client numbers. I will see upload numbers that when i choose status-client and sort by upload descending, don’t appear. I thought it may be timing so i opened up another browser tab and had the dashboard in one and the status-client data in the other.


The mismatch I’ve noticed have always seemed to be my health checks for the WAN connections/SpeedFusion. Little 2k or 20k… nothing large. Are you seeing large amounts of data show up on dashboard not accounted for on the clients page?

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We are starved for upload capacity - we have 500k at best. I noticed that there is 20K-30K “noise” all the time, but i can’t figure out what it is. I switched health check to Ping vs DNS lookup to maybe cut down on the traffic. Thoughts?

You could always turn healthchecks off temporarily (which locks the WAN into an UP state) to see if the noise disappears. If the noise does disappear, try and find the smallest packet you can for HealthChecks

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