Balance 305 Question re SpeedFusion


Hi all, I’m new to Peplink products and have a design question regarding SpeedFusion and the Balance 305.

My design calls for two remote sites each having a pair of DSL lines going into Balance 210’s, and one “HQ” site with a single cable connection on a Balance 305.

If I use SpeedFusion at the two remote sites, will I be required to purchase the upgrade for the Balance 305 to allow SpeedFusion?




Hi Chris,

You would need to upgrade the Balance 305 to add the SpeedFusion capability. If you haven’t purchased it yet you could just buy the Balance 380 instead, it comes with SpeedFusion as standard.



Hi Tim,

Thanks for the response. I also noticed in the initial press releases regarding the 305, it was stated that there is a 30-day trial included with the 305. Since I have already purchased this 305, how can I go about evaluating SpeedFusion prior to purchasing the upgrade?

Thank you,



Hi Chris,

As long as you are running the most current firmware you should see the SpeedFusion option in the GUI. If not, please open a support ticket and we will help you out:



Thank you Tim.