Balance 30 with Netgear/SW 754s via USB connectio issue

Hi All, new here. I’ve been playing with a Balance 30 (now on fw 8.1.2) and a Sierra Wireless (now Netgear) 754s hotspot connected via USB. I can get things to work by plugging the USB into the Peplink AFTER both the Peplink and the hotspot are fully booted and the hotspot has made it’s 4g connection.

However, I have found no way to make the connection work with any combination of power cycling while connected. For example, restarting both at the same time (as if after a power failure,) the Peplink shows “initializing…” for some time, then goes to “connecting…” and sits there forever, never actually making the connection to the hotspot. I know the hotspot is up, as I can connect to it’s wifi and reach external web sites through it, but the Peplink just won’t recognize/connect to it UNTIL I physically unplug and replug the USB connection. It then briefly shows’ "no device connected’, “initializing…”, “connection…” and eventually ‘connected’ and all is well.

I tried disabling the hot-spot’s ‘auto load driver on USB conenction’ feature, in case that was involved, but that only made things worse and the Peplink would never connect to it all, so I leave that enabled (tho I imagine the Peplink already has the required drivers, no?)

Anyways, seeking some reliable way to have this connection work upon power-up without requiring physical intervention. I’ve tried delaying the power-up of the hotspot until the Peplink is fully booted, and vice-versa (booting the Peplink after the hotspot is fully up and connected) but nothing seems to work besides unplugging/replugging the USB cable between them.

Is the way it’s supposed to work? or maybe I’ve still got something mis-configured? Any tips or advice appreciated. thanx, Paul.