Balance 30 - Wan 2 constantly reports "connecting"

I am trying to port forward public IP address to an inside address. of I cannot access the router that uses that particular public ip. I do have internet access. Firewall off, all ports open. I noticed the WAN 2 port (which is the port that has the block of IP addresses) is constantly reporting “connecting”. I am new to the peplink router. Shouldnt I see the WAN port connected and showing an address? Also when I go to I see the WAN 1 ip address not an address from the block I am trying to work from. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the assist.

the ip address i need to use is associated with WAN 2

I see your device has been online more than a year. :thumbsup:
Any changes to the existing network? Is WAN2 previously working?
One simple way to test is to connect WAN2 directly to your desktop/laptop, bypassing Peplink, to see check if you are able to receive an IP.