Balance 30 vs 30 Pro

I check the spec and found 30Pro has LTEA & more Firewall throughput.
On other site, , BPL-031-LTEA-W-T is EOL.
But on Peplink, it doesn’t say EOL.
LTEA is more advanced and why EOL. May be that site has wrong info.
Any thoughts?

thought is to pick the model that fits your needs

i dont think its EOL, updates are still going out for it

The BPL-031-LTEA-W-T is EOL under that specific SKU. You can still get the same device under the BPL-031-LTE-US-T part number.

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We revamped the lineup of our Balance 30 LTE. With the new hardware refresh, our Balance 30 LTEA will have a new hardware revision and an updated configuration. The new hardware will come with 11ac Wi-Fi and PoE.

Please note that we will reuse the same product code while renaming this model to “Balance 30 Pro”. Here’s a quick table updating the product SKUs and showing the differentiation between the current Balance 30 LTE (classic) and our new Balance 30 Pro.

Product Code Product Name Current Configuration New Product Name New Changes
Balance 30 LTEA CAT6 LTE-Advanced Balance 30 Pro CAT6 LTE-Advanced,
802.11ac Wi-Fi AP,
4x PoE LAN Ports
BPL-031-LTE-US-T Balance 30 LTE (classic) CAT3 LTE Balance 30 LTE (classic) CAT6 LTE-Advanced
BPL-031-LTE-E-T Balance 30 LTE (classic) CAT3 LTE Balance 30 LTE (classic) No change

Thanks for the explanation. If the product code is the same, how could I know that the one I buy will b the new product?

The product codes look different? Ask the seller?

The product label would be able to help differentiate the differences.

Hope this clarifies.

I am just wondering the descriptions of this revamped product line have been updated on the your main site or not? I still see 4G LTE not LTE-A on BPL-031-LTE-US-T Balance 30 LTE.

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Are the rack mount ears (ACW-722) still the correct rack mount ears for the new BPL-031-LTEA-W-T?

I would like to know if the Balance 30 supports B28 LTE?


@bortega1, can you check out the Balance 30 LTE and/or the Balance 30 Pro product page to find out more.

Looks like the BPL-031-LTEA-P-T has the support of LTE Band 28.