Balance 30 VLan Trunk

Is there not a way to have a trunk port that allows tagged and untagged traffic? I have the option on the Balance One, but not the Balance 30.

I am running firmware 7. The trunk port type does not have “all” as an option. When you choose custom - only VLans show up in the list. This is causing a One way traffic path and I really want it to be bidirectional.



I also have this problem on the balance 20, it’s missing the ANY option, however it exsists on the SOHO unit.

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Can one of the Peplink staff please chime in on this? Is this a bug or is this working as you designed? If you want a port to be a trunk port on the Balance 30 (and Balance 20) - it can no longer accept untagged traffic. There is no Trunk-Any option. This is different than the Balance 1.

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Thank you for the reply. It seems odd that this option was left out of these routers. Is there any reason that you can share as to why?

I guess a workaround would be to NOT have anything on the untagged LAN and use 100% VLans. I am glad I have the Balance1. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to use the Peplink AP One AC Minis the way I want. I only put guest and staff on VLans. The main wireless SSID is untagged. NOT being able to have both tagged and untagged traffic on a port would cause these to break. Are there any plans to change this behavior in future releases?


I have the ability to trunk ANY on firmware 6.3 on Balance 20 models. In fact its the default setting.

Are you saying that this has been taken away in firmware 7??

I am trying to set up a router now and cannot configure management access to a voice switch because I cant trunk tagged and untagged now.

If i upgrade any of my existing balances, of which i have many deployed, its going to break my networks?!

I have 100s of your devices. You need to fix this.

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OMG i thought i was going crazy and have spent many frustrating hours trying to figure out why my Bal 20 with a VLAN would not pass untagged traffic through the VLAN trunk port… THIS IS CRAZY! Peplink Team you’ve got to fix this, if you have a feature that is on a firmware that spans multiple hardware platforms, that feature should behave identically on ALL the platforms, if its not identical then don’t have the feature at all or call it something different. I have customers with Bal ones, 20s, SOHOs etc and to not be able to have consistency in software behavior is mind numblng and frustrating! C’mon you guys you can do better!

This is crazy isn’t it? I posted on this today, was wondering if there’s any news or workarounds that you have come up with? I was thinking of downgrading my firmware back to 6.3, your thoughts?

I have moved away from the balance 20s and have been using balance ones as much as possible