Balance 20 FW 7.0.0 build 3310 VLAN issue

I am trying to figure out the VLAN features and how they work. When it comes to setting up a trunk port I am confused. If I want LAN 1 (for example) to carry all VLANs (tagged) and the untagged network it would need to be setup as a TRUNK port. When I go to setup the trunk port I select lan 1 change to Trunk (as opposed to Access) and then I must choose one of the tagged VLANs or a custom list of any combination of tagged VLANs. The untagged LAN is unavailable to be selected and the ANY choice I see in manuals and in the forums as unavailable as well. I am fairly certain when I tried a Trunk port custom list of all tagged VLANs I lost connectivity on the untagged LAN.

How am I suppose to setup a one LAN port does it all for VLANs?


You can run a second wire for untagged traffic. I started a post about this issue a couple of months ago.

Just cross your fingers this becomes possible in the next firmware version.

As a workaround, you can try to put everything on a VLan (nothing untagged). There are PNP limitations to doing this depending on the application doing the PNP requesting.

Another option is to run a second wire - one for untagged traffic, and one for tagged.

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