Balance 30 Throughput

I have a peplink 30 connected to a 50/50 line on wan 1 and nothing on wan 2 & 3. When i perform speed tests, i only get 50/15 average speeds. If i take the same cable and connect it directly to the pc, i get full 50/50.

This is with just 1 test pc connected to peplink.

I tried checking all the settings on what could be bottle necking the uploads, but cant find anything. I even upgraded the firmware to v6.



May I know what is your exact firmware version?

Please fix the port speed and duplex mode to 100Mbps Full Duplex in B30 WAN1 and modem to confirm this will help.

i am currently running on firmware 6.1.2. I changed it to 100Mbps Full Duplex. The upload speed are still being slowed down by something. I will try to reset it to defaults and try the beta firmware and see if it will be resolved unless there is something else im still missing.


Noted. Do let me know the outcome. Thanks.

Looks like the firmware upgrade + reset did it. I did notice the MTU also changed to 1500, not sure if that made a difference. Speeds are back upto 58/60.


:up: Thanks for sharing. Would you mind to change to Default MTU to see any different?