Balance 30 throughput questions

Hi. I’m moving my business and need to assure a reliable ethernet.
I want to connect two 100M cable connections and a 3M radio link to a model 30. I don’t need 203M throughput and I know that the 30 can’t provide it.

But some questions:

  1. says the throughput will be 100M, but Peplink | Pepwave - Forum says the new hardware is good for 50M. Which one is closer to the real-world throughput?

  2. Will the “too small” balancer give poor results due to dropping packets etc, or will I get a clean, reliable 100M (or whatever the 30 can do) throughput?

  3. Will it more-or-less balance the traffic between multiple links even though a single link could (in theory) handle everything the 30 could pass?

I can afford a 380 if that is what I need, but I don’t have money to burn if the 30 will serve my relatively simple needs.

Thanks in advance,


1 & 2) Max throughput for Balance 30 is 100Mbps and you should be able to get close to it without dropping packets. We will update the Knowledge Base article (it must have been a typo). Thanks for pointing it out.

  1. Yes, and you can tailor how Peplink distribute traffic further with our advance load balancing algorithms.

I highly recommend Balance 380 given your throughput. It also comes with a number of enterprise features e.g. built-in PPTP VPN Server that will be ideal for business.