Balance 30: seeking easy fix for Cisco Systems VPN Client problem

My Balance 30 works great so far except my wife can’t log into her Cisco Systems VPN Client accounts. Everything works perfectly if I pull the plug on WAN2 so only WAN1 is connected.

I do NOT need or want dual WAN, failover or any other Balance 30 features for this application … I just want to do the simplest thing so that the darn thing works like it did before.

It appears to me that what I want is a rule for this app (Cisco Systems VPN Client) or this protocol (IPsec) so that this traffic only goes over WAN1 (and if WAN1 goes down then I don’t care; no problem). However, I can’t see how to do this in the Balance 30 documentation.

If I have to touch the Balance 30 VPN features or look at the Balance 30 VPN documentation then I become a suicide risk, so I hope this is not necessary …


If the Cisco Systems VPN is run on a pc behind the B30:

1.Network>Service Passthrough>IPsec NAT-T: “Enable” and check mark “Route IPsec Site-to-Site VPN” and then choose the singular wan that you would like to use for IPsec traffic.

Thanks Jarid, this looks like the magic formula I need … unfortunately the router won’t “save changes” after a half hour watching the whirling wheel … are there any tips on what to do if “save changes” hangs?


Appreciate if you can open ticket at for futher checking.

Thank you.

It was still hanging on “saving changes” after an hour or so, but when I logged out and logged back in the changes had been saved after all … the fix suggested by Jarid seems to be working, so: problem solved, issue resolved.

Great, thanks for the update.