Balance 30 power supply replacement


Does anyone have a part number to order a replacement power supply for a Balance 30? We closed a site and somehow they lost the power supply for this.


Hello @KMcDonald,

Are you looking for a replacement for the AC adapter?


If you’re in a “pinch” you can use pretty much any switching or linear “wall wart” with 12VDC output with the right size of coaxial plug that mates with the jack on the Balance. I’d check the output with a meter, however, as the output is poorly regulated on some of the cheap-o’s. We have several Pepwave devices of about the size of the B30 running on large (20-50 amp) power supplies rather than the wall warts. The router does not care what powers it – so long as the power is good quality.


The 12V 2A power supply’s SKU is one of the following:


Yes a replacement, thank you for the part numbers. I will order the replacement. I didn’t want to use just any power supply if I could help it.



Not that I ever recommend using random power supplies, but if you’re going that route in an emergency, be very sure that the polarity is the same. As far as I know, all our supplies are centre-positive (you can check the label on a matching unit for the little polarity icon)

Centre-negative is likely to release the magic blue smoke.