Balance 30 performance issues & can't log in after reset and reconfiguration

i have a Balane 30. I have 2 Broadband WAN connections - WAN1 150Mbs DHCP Cable & WAN2 50Mbps PPoE ADSL -Bridged. When I reconfigure with the Wizard I get green connections for both WAN circuits.

When I connect directly to the Cable Modem and run Speedtest I clock out at 120Mbps down. When I connect to a LAN port on the Balance and run the test I clock out at 6Mbps down. Any ideas on why the Balance chokes down the performance? Is there any documentation for configuring the router with a DHCP Cable modem and Bridged ADSL modem?

Lastly, when I hard reset and reconfigure the router, I can’t log back in - Connection time out. Any ideas on why this happens and how do I fix it?


I would suggest to refer the following steps in the below URL to check the aggregated speed

Then, please go to “https:/<Your Peplink’s IP>/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi” after login the Web Admin. And you can see the Interface speed, receive and transmit errors and dropped. It can help to verify the negotiated speed and any cabling issue.

Regarding can’t login after factory restore, please check the Status LED is green or not on front panel, and make sure your computer is obtained the correct IP address from Peplink or not.

Well let’s see. I can’t log into the management interface after reconfiguration (Connection to the Balance 30 times out), so…

  1. I can’t see the interface speed
  2. I’m guessing that since I CAN connect to the internet, the IP address isn’t the problem
  3. The only way to get back to the management interface is to do a HARD RESET and start the configuration process ALL OVER AGAIN (Is this a feature?)

At this point my frustration level is pretty high and I think selling the Balance 30 on Ebay and buying something from ZyXel looks to be the path of least resistance.



Based on your feedback. Below is the possibility.

  1. Web Admin is not using default port (TCP 80).

I suggest to open ticket for us to take closer look if problem persist.

Thank you.

It’s been almost 2 years since the initial post, sot I thought that I’d try again. The problem remains the same. When testing the line speed through my cable modem/router, my connection clocks out at 150Mbps+. When I connect to the Balance 30 and test the lines speed is less than 6Mbps - 30x SLOWER. I couldn’t figure this out then and I still can’t figure this out now.

The Balance 30 has been a paperweight that I paid good money for. Is there ANYONE who can tell me why I’m getting such a drastic reduction in bandwidth? The setup wizard is straight forward, so I’m not sure if there is a configuration issue that I’m overlooking.

TIA for any help on this.


I would create a support ticket here so that we can take a closer look and go over more detailed information to get this resolved for you.