Balance 30, Netgear AX12/RAX200 DHCP Problem

Hello Forums!

I’ve been using a Peplink balance 30 for years, and have grown use to the helpful client list interface when managing traffic through the network. I recently upgraded my airport express wireless router to a netgear AX12 device, hoping it would be more efficient given the age difference.

Unfortunately, for reasons I don’t understand, all traffic connected to the AX12 is listed under an IP group of 10.0.0.x, and in the peplink client list, the only device shown is the AX12 itself. I am quite used to the airport express interface, and am wondering why the airport express allowed connected devices direct access to the peplink client list, while the AX12 seems to be handling all connections. It doesn’t do me much good if I see that the AX12 is using 8Mbps, when I don’t know which device is the culprit.

I’ve been in touch with Netgear, who does not seem to understand what it is that I am asking. I thought I’d try a post here, in hopes that someone might be familiar with this issue on a wireless router.

Welcome to the Peplink Community! The NetGear AX12 needs to be in bridge mode. This link here should help.