Balance 30 LTE's loose WAN to LAN after 8.1.3 update

We have 10-12 Balance 30 LTE’s deployed and managed through InControl2. Several of all 3 Hardware revisions. The REV 1 & 2’s upgrade fine. The REV 3’s will not route/distribute/pass the Cellular connection to the router/WAN and the loose connection to Incontrol after the update and it happens with all versions of 8.1.X . I went onsite and logged into the router and it showed the Cellular connection was fully functioning, however it would not route. Rolling back to 8.0.2 is only option. Any Advice on how to fix this?

Have you logged a ticket with peplink support? If not, I would, post ticket # here, and keep us updated as to what they say.

Hi, thank you I did log the ticket on your recommendation, ticket # 22020870