Balance 30 LTE Throughput Confusion

The web page for the Balance 30 LTE shows it with a throughput of 400Mbps: 200Mbps Dual-WAN Router with 4G LTE Balance 30 LTE- Peplink (the actual HTML title shows 200Mbps!)

However, the datasheet shows only 200Mbps:

Which is it for revision HW3?

The throughput for Balance 30 LTE is 200Mbps.

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This is another example of Peplink needing to manage its marketers better. I just got my throughput cut in half, vs.what I thought I had earlier purchased. Exactly when will our 50% off coupons be arriving, to help pay for the upgrades? Or will you just send us a free replacement unit?

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Ok, you guys fixed it then after I notified you. It has been showing 400Mbps since I’ve been looking at it (over the weekend).

Alright, here is another goof I found that shows the 30 LTE as 400Mbps throughput:

I’m wondering if this device was originally 400Mbps and then Peplink artificially limited it to 200Mbps in order to create more space for more expensive models.

I want my router to perform AS ADVERTISED, which, as has been clearly shown, and as I recall from when I purchased it, 400 mbps. Seriousy, Peplink, what’s the answer here?

The datasheet shared by Biggen is outdated. To avoid confusion in the future, we deleted it from our server.

Please check the most latest spec under the product page OR see the comparison table with this link.


Was the Balance 30 LTE previously advertised as 400 mbps, or not?