Balance 30 LTE - no remote access on cellular WAN

I have a new Balance 30 LTE with a Cellular WAN connection and a wired WAN connection.

I have remote access to the Web Admin (and port forwarding) working through the wired WAN connection.

I have NO remote access to the Web Admin through the Cellular WAN connection (nor port forwarding) with neither the WAN IP obtained through Cellular nor with a hostname I created with a Dynamic DNS service. The Web Admin is available locally (on the a LAN port) with both the Cellular IP and the hostname.

I will be installing this router in a remote location with likely only the Cellular WAN available so I need to have this remote access to the Web Admin. All other settings on the router are default.

Just curious: Is a non-routable IP address (not 10.x.x.x, for example) assigned by your cellular carrier? (You can see this at the top of your Dashboard.)
If so, is the “Web Admin Port” forwarded from the public address to the private one?

We’ve seen numerous situations where DDNS correctly points to the public address of the WAN, but where there’s no inbound path, essentially, between that address and the private address assigned by DHCP to the WAN. When this occurs, it is in no way an issue with the router.

The cellular IP address assigned is a 10.x.x.x address.

That’s what I suspected.

In Network | WAN [choose the LTE connection] | Connection Settings | Reply to ICMP Ping – Check the Enable box and see if you can ping the router via the DDNS address. My guess is you will not be able to.

The next step would probably be to contact your carrier and see what they suggest. (Good luck with that … :anguished: )

Usually what we do in such situations is set up a rather stripped-down PC on the LAN and run Team-Viewer (example – you may have something else/better) on it and come in through the LAN side. In fact we have a couple of situations where the owners insist on this approach – and disabling access via WAN due to the locus of manufacture of Peplink equipment and the default security certificate issue.

Thank you for your help Rick. I went ahead and set up a PepVPN from another one of our Peplink routers and am able to access the Balance30 LTE over cellular and set up port forwarding through the VPN to monitor all devices on its network.