Balance 30 LTE + Hughesnet - disconnect/reconnect every two minutes

I moved from a B20 to a B30LTE. The B20 was connected via Verizon (dongle) and HughesNet Gen4. Worked flawlessly.
I migrated to the B30LTE, still with Verizon and Hughesnet. Now the Hughesnet WAN disconnects and then reconnects every two minutes, the disconnect being approx. 3 seconds each time.
I use the same health check as with the B20 (DNS), the same cable and the same Hughesnet modem.

Changing the modem from WAN1 to WAN2 had no effect (test in case there was a port-specific hardware problem).

As an added curio: I have tried setting the frequency of the health check to 30 minutes - and yet the connection is still reported as down and then up every two minutes.

Any suggestions?


This seem abnormal to us. Can you open a support ticketherefor the team to further check ?

Thank You

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Ticket submitted. Post-ticket I upgraded the firmware - the problem persists.

Thanks for the firmware update (some time ago). It all works well now.

Since the patch there have been two more FW releases - 6.3.3 and now 7.0.0. Neither of these have rolled out the fix included in FW 6.3.2s027 build 3209. When can we expect the fix to become part of the regular roll-out (or included in a version of 7.0)?


Targeted we will include the fix in firmware version 7.1.0.

Please stay tuned.

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Can you share an expected timeline for the 7.1.0 release? I had to redeploy the B30LTE with the satellite WAN, and the interruptions (and alerts) are quite the nuisance.

In the meantime - may I ask for a custom 7.0.2 fix for the interim (as in the past - I really appreciated the service)? (I am on 7.0.2 build 3452)

Firmware 7.1.0 is tentatively targeting for Q4 2017

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I look forward to that!