Balance 30 LTE and hotswap of SIM


We have a customer who has evaluated Balance 30 LTE for future use in their setup. While testing the router they found a problem while performing a hotswap of SIM card in slot A.
A hotswap of SIM card in slot B would work as expected.
When changing SIM card in slot A, a reboot was necessary for the router to get the communication working.

Might this be a configuration error or something else?

The hotswap test was using four SIM cards from four different mobile operators.

The router was runnning on firmware version 6.3.1_3138.

Regards, Harald

Hi Harald,

I tested hot swap of SIM is working fine in my lab. Please help to replicate this in your Balance 30 LTE again (hot swap slot B to A then Cellular failed to connect). Then open ticket and turn on Remote Assistance for us to take closer look.

Thank you.


Thanks for the answer!

Maybe we are expecting the wrong things to happen?
Here is more in detail what is going on in the specific test scenario:

  1. Power up the Balance 30 with one SIM card in slot A

Result: The WAN link is up and running

  1. With the power still on, replace the SIM card in slot A with another one.

Result: The WAN link is down

Comment: Is this supposed to work, or are we doing things wrong? When the same procedure was executed on slot B, the link is active after insertion of the second SIM card. Also, after a factory reset the same behaviour is shown, so if this is a configuration issue, we would appreciate some guidance.



Please open a support tickethere for the team to further check from the device. You can replacing the SIM card without require to power off and power on the device.

Thank You