Balance 30 LAN Throughput


I have a Balance 30 (2nd version) and would like to better understand the throughput.

I know it’s specification has a throughput of 100Mbps, I assume that’s between LAN & WAN?

If I have a pair of devices connected to the LAN ports should I get the full benefit of the 1Gbps connection. If so is this the case even if the 2 devices are on different VLANs?

Cheers Ian

The 100 Mbps is the total Wan to LAN throughput. The built-in 4 port switch is Gigabit, so the LAN devices connected to it will operate at that speed.


Just to be 100% clear, what throughput will I get between VLANs. Is that definitely not subject to the 100Mbps limit?

Hey Ian- you are correct. You will have Gigabit routing between the VLANs. The 100 Mbps limit is only from LAN-WAN.

Thanks -Tim

Hey Ian,

I was incorrect here, the InterVLAN routing throughput is not at Gigabit speeds. I am checking with the team to get some numbers, but it is probably closer to the 100 Mbps mark.

Sorry for the confusion and my mistake…

OK thanks. That’s the reason I asked in the 1st place, I was especially wondering about inter VLAN traffic :slight_smile: