Balance 30 : Firmware page bug


The firmware page is unavailable on my Pep30.
The router firmware page is always rolling, rolling, rolling…

Router Name Pep30
Model Peplink Balance 30
Hardware Revision 2
Firmware 5.4.6 build 1585

I am looking to update the firmware on this box PEP Balance 30.


That firmware is pretty old.

The current release is 6.3.3, but if you aren’t doing Anything but managing multiple WAN links (no AP controller, vpn tunnels, or VLans) - jump to 7.0.

You can find a link in the forums - just search for firmware 7.0.

You will most likely need to download the firmware to a computer and do a manual upload. Just make sure you download a copy of the config first. Always backup your config!

I don’t work for Peplink and there may be some issue with jumping that many firmware versions - please use this advice at your own discretion. The employees that moderate the forums will help you much better than I can. I guess this advice is about worth what you paid for it - :smiley:

Thank you,
I change my web browser for Chrome and the firmware update menu is running great now.