Balance 30 Classic BPL030 - Way to reset password or factory default

I now have a customer and they have a Balance 30 Classic BPL030, but they forgot the password.
I tried to find out how to reset to factory default unsuccessfully.
Someone could help me?
Thanks in advance,

Is there a reset button hole on the front? Use a paperclip and press it for 5 seconds. This should reset admin password to “admin” but leave other settings intact. I believe if you press it for more than 10 seconds it will do a factory reset.

Thank you for your response, but Classic model of Balance 30, Model BPL030, doesn´t have reset button.

Ah… yeah, sorry. Not sure what you can do. Maybe call Support?

@bcouto, Reset button should be there. Please find the picture below.

If you still have issue to reset this router, please consider refreshing this router. You may look for local Peplink partner.


Thak you all. The router is installed under other equipments and I couldn´t see the reset button.
Problem is solved. The router returned to factory default.