Balance 30 and VOIP Fax line issues

We have a new Balance 30. The VOIP works fine for voice but our VOIP fax line drops after the initial connection either inbound or outbound (pretty much when the " fax chirping" begins). To send out faxes or receive them via our VOIP line requires us to reconnect to our older TP Link balancer. Is there some setting(s) that will enable the VOIP fax line to be used through the Balance 30?


Hi Bob,

Are you using ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter)? If so, what protocol it was using? H.323?

Not sure. We are using an HP Officejet 8610. I couldn’t find out what adapter it uses or protocol.


Can you share the diagram how the HP Officejet 8610 was connected physically? For example:-

HP Officejet 8610 —phone line—> ATA —UTP cable—> SIP server —> Voice gateway —> PSTN

Thank you.

HP Office jet 8610 — phone line ----> line 2 — Vonage VOIP Router — wan ---- cat 5e cable ----> Netgear LAN Switch — cat 5e cable —> lan 4 — Balance 30 --wan (various) – cat 5e cable —> ISP modems (various)

Is this what you want? The only difference between this set up and the old TP Link balancer is the Balance 30. When using the TP Link instead in this configuration, the fax line works. That leads me to believe that the Balance 30 is the problem.


Seem you are not sure on what the protocols running for the FoIP, i would suggest to enable the H.323 pass-through to verify whether this will help on your issue.

If the issue still persists after enabled the H.323 pass-through, please open a support tickethere for the team to further investigate.

Thank You

Enabled H.323 pass-through. Made no difference. Will open a support ticket as you have asked.

Opened a support ticket March 1, 2016, and haven’t heard a thing from Pep Link. Obviously FoIP doesn’t work on a Balance 30. And they won’t respond to acknowledge this. Have to use my old balancer from TP Link to send/receive faxes.


If you could provide the ticket number, I will check to see where things are at. Ensure that the email service you are using is not filtering [email protected] as if so, the responses may have been sent to your Spam folder.