Balance 30 and pepwave AP user access restrictions

I’m hoping someone here can advise on this issue I’m having. I have installed a balance 30 with 2 pepwave AP that have have 2 wlans setup for crew use and owner use onboard a vessel. What the owner is now asking is if there is anyway to block a specific device from accessing the net whilst that crewmember is meant to be working. Does anyone know of a way of doing this with the current equipment in place or if there is anything else that would do the job.

This can be achieved. Please follow settings below if both APs are managed by Balance 30 (AP > Wireless SSID > Select Crew SSID).

Else, below is the settings for APs (AP > Wireless SSID > Select Crew SSID).

thanks for the reply, but does not totally block the the specified devices. What im wanting to do is block specific devices for a specific period of time.


Moving to feature request as currently we do not have time-based policies. As with TK’s above mentioned configuration it would block the specified users indefinitely.


You can consider to use Balance 30 outgoing firewall rules to block the access.

Balance 30 settings:

Define scheduler - Working hours

**Define Outgoing firewall rules to block the access by scheduler **

Thank You