Balance 30 Advice


I have had my balance 30 for about a year and a half now and recently moved, thus having to modify my setup. I have two WiMax connections (configured differently, and assigned to different devices) and a ADSL connection. Based on my previous home office/home setup, I had ports forwarded and assigned to either a PC, VoIP adapter for my work, or entertainment devices such as a Roku, AppleTV, video gaming console, etc. Depending on the device, they were provided access to one connection or another. With the outbound policies I have setup each rule using the priority algorithm. The issue that I am having is that if one of my connections fails, I have no internet access at all, instead of the connection falling over and trying to use the next available working connection. Should I be setting up my outbound and inbound policies differently in order or this to work in the manner the I require?

Thank you in advance for any assistance that anyone provides.

It could possibly be the way your outbound policy rules are setup and I would look there first.
Otherwise, create a support ticket and enable RA and one of our technical team members will be able to take a closer look.

To enable RA:

NOTE: Outbound Policy rules take precedence from top to bottom.

Thank you, for your assistance, I did have the order in consideration. I have gone ahead and opened a support ticket as you suggested.