Balance 2500 Reboots Frequently on 8.0.0

So we updated our B2500 controller that has roughly 300 VPNs on it a few weeks ago. Suddenly it started rebooting every couple of hours with no real explaination in the logs as to what was happening. Opened a ticket with Peplink almost 20 hours ago with no response. Ended up downgrading to 7.1.2 to hopefully avoid anymore interruptions for our customers.

Does anybody have any ideas what would cause frequent and unexpected reboots on 8.0.0?

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I found the ticket and a response was sent in 32 minutes. Please make sure our responses are not being spam filtered and enable remote assistance under: Status> Device so we can investigate the issue.



Can you please copy the response here? Not only did we not receive a response to anywhere but the ticket in question ([Peplink #9070775] Balance 2500 rebooted twice for no known reason on 8.0.0) has vanished from our portal at

We are running on 7.1.2 but have no idea why 8.0.0 failed.

There were four responses sent and ticket #9070775 was merged into the original ticket #9070774.

We did not receive a diagnostic report for investigation. Please enable remote assistance under: Status> Device so we can find out what may have caused this.

You can PM me until we find out why you are not receiving our responses, we want to help.

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Hi Ron,

I put another TT(#9070847) with diagnostic file when firmware 8.0.0 build 2636 was active. Right now we rollback the firmware to version 7.1.2 build 2574. No more reboots from unknown reason to this moment.

Thank you in advance.

Christopher Godlewski

Hi Christopher,

OK let’s merge everything into 9070847. I will reply to the ticket to make sure you receive the response.

Thank you!


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