Balance 2500 - Problem with Inbound rules since the firmware update in 6.2


Since we installed the firmware 6.2 on Balance 2500, we lost certain capacities that worked perfectly in 6.1.2.
In terms of our connections and our Speedfusion PPTP VPN access, they work perfectly with the new firmware.

We have three entries with WAN ADSL box or fiber.

Before on Balance 2500 the DNS role was his IP address as the primary dns on each our IP devices, since the update we need to put in each of our pc, a different address primary dns, example in primary dns (google ) in order to surf the internet.

We also have a complete radio network infrastructure upstream of a WAN entry.

Before the rules that we had made in the Balance 2500, we received from outside the WAN input, all of our IP communications radio modules and they came to our NTP server IP and our radio modules management server.

Since this update, the rules do not seem to do their part and yet we have not changed anything.
We even take a test if we downgrad to the old firmware (in reboot) we find our features.
But when we switch on firmware 6.2, everything is blocked.:mad:

Do you have an idea of the reason for this behavior?

Is it clear to redo our rules?

We performed a test with the firmware 6.2 on Balance 2500.

I assigned a WAN to OSPF-0, in addition to PEPVPN set automatically.
When I applied, all IP devices communicate again with our time servers and management of IP radio modules.

I stopped there and I removed from the OSPF-0, the WAN entry.

Because I am not sure this is the right solution.

What will happen if I affected all my WAN inputs connected to ADSL and fiber box OSPF 0?

Thanks, :wink:explication sas telecom pour forum.pdf (402 KB)


Since the upgrade to firmware 6.2, I tried lots of different tests to return to work the same as I had with the firmware 6.1.2.
The only one that allows me to establish communications between the IP-radio modules ahead of one of my WAN inputs to the lan balance2500 to my NTP time server and my management server NMS radio is check in OSPF the corresponding box.
I do not find it normal.
Because in my case no rule inbound permits to establish the links with my remote modules outside Speedfusion VPN connections.

Thank you to the team Peplink would kindly give me your help.

Hi Fred,

This is strange. I still using Balance LAN IP as my DNS server after upgraded to v6.2. May I know what DNS IP you got for the LAN hosts when you faced the problem? You can’t resolve IP (if LAN host DNS IP = B2500 LAN IP)? You still facing this problem now?

  1. WAN1, 2 and 4 are configured as IP Forwarding?

  2. What is the default gateway for all IP Radio devices in WAN1, 2 and 4?

  3. What is the default gateway for AirControl and NTP server?

1- No they are all in NAT.
2- All default gateway IP addresses corresponding to the IP address of Balance 2500 in each WAN.
3- The default gateway for all our server is the lan IP adress of Balance 2500.

I will monitor the dns issue .
Could be that the Balance2500 must have some time to adapt after the firmware update ?

Hi Fred,

Can you help to open ticket? We need to take closer look on this unit.

Thank you.


I have open a ticket to support.

Yesterday, we performed several tests in our office with a certified engineer Gold at Peplink. (Oliver from SensoTelecom)
He also read the topic and confirmed the problem.

We remain at your disposal.

Thank you.