Balance 2500 LAN ports are not broadcast domains


I have been using the Balance 2500 (2 SFP) for some months. There are two different LAN environments connected to each one of the LAN SPF+ ports, configured as trunks. During troubleshooting (an issue completely unrelated to the routers), I noticed that the root o STP from one of the LANs was, actually, within the other LAN. This is strange because I was expecting all that time that the ports from the Peplink should act as an end to broadcast domains. There should be two STP domains on my network, but that was not the case. Other vendors (Cisco, for example), stop BPDUs on the ports of their routers by default.

A second issue is that there are not different groups for the HA (VRRP). I have two routers, and when one of the legs from LAN1 (just a fantasy name, for better understanding) goes down, the secondary router was still receiving hellos from the primary router via LAN2. Therefore, the primary router remained active, isolating LAN1.

Does anyone here experience the same issues?