Balance 2500 alarm sound

I have a Balance 2500 in a data center. I’ve received a message that the router is making a constant high frequency beeping sound. In my lab i have recreated the sound. It appears when only one of the PSUs are connected. If one of the PSUs on my production router is defective i should have received an alarm, or at least be able to see the status in SNMP.

I cannot see any PSU status in the web interface of the router, and SNMP gives me no PSU status. How can i get the status of the PSUs?

Look like PSU replacement is needed if the Balance 2500 is running dual PSUs. You may check the status light of the PSU. A normal PSU is showing in green. You may push the red button at the rear panel of Balance 2500 to switch off the indication “beep” sound.

Ok, thanks for confirming that the sound is because of a defective PSU.

Still it is just by chance that we received a message from a person at the data center about this sound. If i have a router at a location that is rarely visited i would not know that it has a defective PSU. Is it possible to implement functionality for getting PSU status in SNMP?

@magnush, it makes sense. I filed a feature request to have an indication for B2500’s PSU status change and alert of the change.


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