Balance 210 web interface locks up

I have a Balance 210 whose web interface locks up after about 5 min. The device still passes data, I can ping it, but the web interface is completely locked. I was able to update the firmware to 8 but no luck. The only way to bring it back to life is the reset switch. A power cycle will not enable it.
Any ideas?
BPL-210 SN1925-63C7-799E

May I know it will be locked up (after 5 minutes) every time the Balance 210 is powered on?

Power cycle will not help, the only way is resetting the Balance 210… This is strange. May I know the Balance 210 is using the default LAN IP address - If so, may I know what is the MAC address of the that show in your PC’s ARP table when the problem occurs?

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Yes, the Balance 210 locks up every time it is powered on.

Yes, the Balance 210 is using the default address. The MAC address of the unit in the ARP table is the same as what is printed on the bottom of the unit 10-56-CA-0F-FD-54. I have no other devices plugged into the Balance 210 except my laptop.

Please help to download the Diagnostic Report when you able to access Web UI. Then open ticket and submit the report for us to investigate.


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