Balance 210 + Web Filtering Appliance

I have a Balance 210 and although a few years old now, it works fine for us (dual WAN). I now need an appliance, strictly for web filtering. The 210 was not designed for this of course.

I already have Webroot as an AV solution, however they sell a different package for what I want and it works through a proxy which is no good for us.

Considering a D-link 860 device to work in conjunction with my Balance 210.

Just wondering if anyone has run in to problems using something like this?

I would imagine the 860 would connect directly to the 2 WANS, then my 210 connects to the 860, then the Balance 210 to my LAN.

If you are referring to the 860E UTM Firewall, it looks like it can be deployed in transparent mode. The device has enough LAN/WAN interfaces to be deployed on the outside; however it may be simpler to deploy it on the inside of the Balance. If you have a lot of bandwidth and the 50 Mbps antivirus throughput rating of this device is a concern, you could of course have a separate device for each WAN connection on the outside of the Balance if necessary.

Thanks for the reply Ron.
I’m thinking on the inside as well, since my bandwidth is <5Mbs at the moment. Supposedly 20Mbs fiber is headed my way in 2015, but roll outs can change…
Once D-Link come back with a license cost, I’ll know whether I’m proceeding or not.


EDIT: I purchased 860E UTM appliance and will be locating it behind my Balance 210 to start with, although that may end up negating all the rules and forwarding and servers I have going on. We will see what works best, behind or in front. Since this is not a D-Link forum, if I run in to trouble, the only questions will be regarding my 210.

Thank You