Balance 210 + Starlink

Curious if a Balance 210 (2019 version) will limit starlink throughput.

A speedfusion tunnel is running, but is not being used for these tests. Traffic is set to priority: starlink wan.

Starlink speed is variable, so it’s difficult to get an accurate observation.

However, with Laptop → Lan → Balance 210 → Wan → Starlink Ethernet Adapter I’ve yet to get a result that is as fast as connecting Laptop → Starlink Ethernet Adapter.

Just curious what others are seeing before I troubleshoot further.

I have wan properties speed set at 250 mbps. Gigabit light is on peplink wan port.

  • Connected directly to starlink ethernet adapter, I got 99 and 140 mbps.
  • Connected through balance within a minute back to back test, with routing set priority starlink wan, I get 77, then 81 mbps to same test location.

Maybe I should try increasing wan properties speed if traffic to starlink is more bursty than that. Any other things I should tweak on the wan port connected to starlink?