Balance 210 performance

210 owners. I have two 210s. Both appear to limit at about ~110Mbs. This is a plain internet connection - no PepVPN or SpeedFusion. The spec calls for 300ish. My test methodology is to use two PCs with an internet speed test apps (not using a browser). I run the apps single and simultaneously. Both the speed test apps and the real-time usage reports give about the same results - ~110Mbs. My internet provider says I should get 300Mbs. (someone is lying)

8.1.0 firmware.

Has anyone with a 210 actually measured 300Mb/s throughput?

Just a quick check (with apologies): Your Balance 210 is HW5? Earlier hardware revs were slower (Throughputs for balance models and their hardware revisions)



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Balance 210 HW4


Suspect this is the known issue reported in firmware 8.1.0. This can be related to the bug reference 23234

Do you think you can open a ticket and allow support team to check on this ?

You can follow the below post as well to know the detail info :


Now … if we could only get @Alan to update that very useful table to include current hardware revs! (nudge … nudge) :blush:


No Outbound policy uses a domain reference.


Please note, i am questioning both our internet provider and our network. but before i complain to our internet provider, i want to make sure my equipment is not the limiting component.

should I in fact expect ~300Mb/s basic throughput from a Balance 210 HW4 f/w 8.1.0?


~ 110Mbps is beyond acceptable performance that you should get. I would suggest you open a ticket to allow support team to help check on this.

Before open a ticket, you can perform last test by direct connect your PC to the Internet Modem to verify the speeds.

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Are you using pppoe for the internet connection?

no, its DHCP.

Here is the solution. bandwidth reservation. huge overhead. disabling the reservation doubled my throughput. even though the system was idle except for my performance test, and I was running in the Manager group, my throughput was severely capped.

This is very unfortunate. Bandwidth reservation is a very cool feature - if it would work. alas, it’s disable now.


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Glad to hear you found it. I’m guessing the traffic can’t be offloaded when bandwidth reservations are used, and as such every packet gets processed on the CPU which then reduces the throughput.