Balance 210 performance

210 owners. I have two 210s. Both appear to limit at about ~110Mbs. This is a plain internet connection - no PepVPN or SpeedFusion. The spec calls for 300ish. My test methodology is to use two PCs with an internet speed test apps (not using a browser). I run the apps single and simultaneously. Both the speed test apps and the real-time usage reports give about the same results - ~110Mbs. My internet provider says I should get 300Mbs. (someone is lying)

8.1.0 firmware.

Has anyone with a 210 actually measured 300Mb/s throughput?

Just a quick check (with apologies): Your Balance 210 is HW5? Earlier hardware revs were slower (Throughputs for balance models and their hardware revisions)



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Balance 210 HW4


Suspect this is the known issue reported in firmware 8.1.0. This can be related to the bug reference 23234

Do you think you can open a ticket and allow support team to check on this ?

You can follow the below post as well to know the detail info :


Now … if we could only get @Alan to update that very useful table to include current hardware revs! (nudge … nudge) :blush:


No Outbound policy uses a domain reference.


Please note, i am questioning both our internet provider and our network. but before i complain to our internet provider, i want to make sure my equipment is not the limiting component.

should I in fact expect ~300Mb/s basic throughput from a Balance 210 HW4 f/w 8.1.0?


~ 110Mbps is beyond acceptable performance that you should get. I would suggest you open a ticket to allow support team to help check on this.

Before open a ticket, you can perform last test by direct connect your PC to the Internet Modem to verify the speeds.

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Are you using pppoe for the internet connection?