Balance 210 latest hardware firmware sha-256 checksum?

Is there an official sha256sum checksum value for the firmware downloads?

It would be very helpful if Pellink listed an official checksum value next to the firmware download so you were sure what you were downloading is the correct and legit firmware. (can’t be too careful!)

Looking for the official checksum for the balance 210 hw4 firmware 8.0 download.

Was looking for the official checksum for

Maybe I’m getting too paranoid, but I’m in the habit of double checking the checksum or that an installer is code signed before installing anything now after reading a story of an installer being hijacked on a CDN (the story was not related to peplink in any way - just after reading that I like to check the checksums or code signing now.)

Hi aquablue,

To ensure that you’re getting the correct firmware please use the device’s firmware upgrade feature. You can find this under System > Firmware > Check for Firmware. You can also use InControl2 to manage the firmware policy.

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Thanks. However the reason I want to know the official checksum for the file from the downloads page is that on a brand new Balance 210 purchased last week, the firmware upgrade feature didn’t work (it was delivered with firmware 6.1.2 and said no updated firmware was available when I clicked the button to check even though it did have internet connectivity, etc.) so then I downloaded the firmware file manually. Just wanted to cross every t and dot every i when doing the setup.

The upgrade button didn’t work on a version of the 6.x firmware, but I cannot recall what version that was exactly. It sounds like that is the issue you may have run into.

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Worked fine applying manually.
Since there’s no checksum provided for the download, I downloaded it twice using a different ISP a few days apart; both came back with sha256 the same:

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