Balance 210 and LTE USB551L problems

Hi all, hoping to get some feedback on an issue Im having with a Balance 210 and LTE USB551 USB modem. Basically I want to have the LTE USB as a backup group for redundancy. I can use the modem on my PC with the VZaccess manager and I have no problems with connection or surfing. I have the latest F/W on both the USB Modem and the Balance 210. What the issue here is, when the usb modem is active, I can see it gets an IP and a connected state on the Dashboard tab of the Peplink. However there is no i-net access on the client PC’s. When Im using my regular ISP cabled into their modem I get full i-net no probs. Another strange occurance is if I enable the LTE USB in conjunction with the main ISP connection, I loose i-net access. Its obvious its a config problem here, but Im not sure where to start on the LTE USB settings… here is what they look like now…

It seems that the LTE USB modem is able to get connected to the Internet. You might need to check the Outbound Policy configuration of the Balance 210 to ensure that it is configured to use the appropriate WAN connection for all outgoing traffic.

You may contact your local point of purchase for further assistance or you may create a support ticket to us to further look into the details.

Thanks for the reply Stanley, I created a support ticket, and I added the only Outbound Policy that is on the Balance in the above post.

I sent a support ticket in for this problem almost a week ago and have yet to get a response, what is the turn around time for support tickets usually?

We have received the support ticket and I believe my colleague had contacted you to gather some information. We shall continue from there.