Balance 210 and balance 20


hello am Mike.
i have a problem with my balance 20 and 201 i cannot set up a chanells’
please help me and solve this problem my channel is up when a use a dedicate IP at the HQ.
but when i want to use the normal IP address, the channel is down. and presentlly i dnt have a private or dedicated IP. what can i do to set up my branch???
thanks for your help…


Not sure what you mean by “chanells”. Are you talking about setting up PepVPN between the two devices? A VPN requires at least one of the devices to have an external static IP. There has to be a way for at least one of the devices to find the other, in order to initiate the connection.

If you don’t have a static IP on either end, try using a dynamic DNS provider like I have several systems working with a Dyn address. Its easy to set up on Peplink routers.


thanks Peplink i done have a static IP address but i will return to my ISP if not possible then may help thanks.

just to ask can you provide me a Balance 380? if yes what are the prices.


Hi Mike,

for prices you should ask your Peplink Partner

To solve your Problem, a network plan is verry helpfull.



hello Dennis.
i wrote to them but no reply so if you can refer me to one i will be very grateful.
now about my problem am presently using MPLS in my network. i have a balance 210 and a balance 20 on which i want to replace my main connection with it. have been trying to configure the mpls in to my balance 210 but is not working so i don’t know is am missing something.
will be grateful if someone here can help me.
this are the information in my mpls router ( Mikrotick).
user name:
password :
local Address: ( site 2)
local Address: ( site 1)
have input this information in the WAN 1 of the two Balance but is still not working.


Don_Ferrario before this i need a good guide to configure my mpls in to the balance devices let it start working when am applying for a static IP from my ISP.
thanks for your help.