Balance 210 and 310 Hardware Refresh

We are excited to announce a hardware refresh for the Balance 210 and 310. This new version has two enhancements:

  • More LAN Ports
    : The number of LAN ports have increased from 3 to 7. - Optional WAN Port for the 210
    : The Balance 210 features an optional third WAN port that could be activated when needed.

Pricing and Availability: The price will be the same as the previous version’s. The refreshed units will start shipping in late June.

Comparison Page

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This is Great Change, is the Activation for the extra WAN port in B210 will be with license?

Once you purchase the upgrade, we will send you a key that you can enter into your Web UI to activate the WAN port.

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Good News ,

How about router throughput ? CPU ? RAM ? any change ??

This is based on a new hardware platform (PowerPC based) with some performance improvement esp on the small packet routing. However, we will keep the marketing number at 100Mbps which is a good number for now.

RAM size and such are not important because we will support the same number of sessions (45,000) and everything else is transparent to users – EXCEPT – there is a separate firmware binary for future upgrade (because of PowerPC).

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very good.

So we can be sure that this new hardware can have better RFC-2544 results on small frame sizes ?

Yes, absolutely.


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Okay great. are you going to do this for other models also ?

Not for now. When we do that, you’ll be among the first to know here. :slight_smile:

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Great Thanks , you know about our special requirements as we are living in another world :wink: