Balance 210 100% cpu load


My peplink Balance 210 as always the cpu at 100%

My hardware revision is 1 and i cannot upgrade firmware to 6 because is not suported, and i have the last one 5.4.9


Suspect your Balance router was overloaded. Please help to download Diagnostic Report when problem occurred. Then submit the report to ticket for us to check and confirm.

Thank you.

Hello, already send it: ID [Ticket #756999]

He is like this almost 8 Days.

In client list and active sessions its normal and bandwidth usage is at 5 / 10%

Funny you say this because I have the same issue on about 2-3 Balance 210’s but never have this issue on any other Balance model and most the traffic being run through the 210’s device are VoIP phones running G711 codec. Ill open a ticket as well with 1 of my 210’s as well.

It happen with a 380 but i did the firmware upgrade and the problem was solved, the problem is that this 210 is hardware revision 1, and doesn’t support firmware 6 and he has the latest firmware 5 installed 5.4.9 :frowning:

The 210 I just made a ticket for is Hardware Revision 3 which is weird and I am on latest 6.2.2. Just waiting for Peplink guys to look into now.

Jarid actually just let me know that this is normal behavior because it writes the changes to the flash. Also explains why when it does tap out that no VoIP calls are interrupted at all. Thanks Jarid.

Hi scachapa,

Thanks for opening the ticket. Our tech support will follow up with you.

Hi tjvoip45,

Please help to open ticket as well. This allow us to confirm the problem. Thanks.