Balance 20x with 2 AP one AC mini - Wifi extender

I have a Balance 20x & AP one AC mini.

I require 2.4GHz & 5GHz, and I want to setup my APs as wifi extenders.
I have identical SSIDs/VLANs on both routers & APs. On the router, AP->Wireless SSIDs → these are my settings:
AP Management: External AP (checked)
Sync Method: as soon as possible
Permitted AP: both my AP SNs.

Any other settings needed? I’m seeing the SSIDs but there is no connection between the APs and the router.
Any suggestions?

Hi Uzma.rahman

As I understand you, you have configured the balance and the APs individually (standalone) and so the Balance does not work as a controller of APs, the idea in general is to make a single configuration in the controller and that it is replicated to the controlled APs. To achieve this, your Aps must appear in the AP> AccessPoint tabs and once they are in that list proceed to enable the configuration synchronization. I send you a guide image of how an AP managed by a Balance device is shown.

Additionally, I share this video that can be very helpful for your case.

Hi Ramiro
I got both APs to show up on the router AP → AccessPoint tabs. The Config sync column is ticked.
I have internet access from the APs as long as they are wired to the router. As soon as I disconnect the ethernet, I lose the internet connection.
What am I missing here. I am looking to use the APs as wireless wifi extenders.

Hola Uzma.rahman

It is already an advance, what you want to do is configure them in Mesh in the following link they explain how to do it, keep in mind the prerequisites for a successful configuration.

Is it required to create mesh wifi for wifi extenders? I thought they were different. I believe mesh wifi is supported on balance 20x & AP one ac mini on 5GHz. Most of my devices are on 2.4GHz.


There is a very nice write-up about when and how to set up mesh connections at Wi-Fi Mesh Support: Overview and Howto


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It seems that terminology is getting in the way here. Peplink does not do WiFi extenders, it does mesh. A Wifi extender is a single device whereas a mesh network involves many devices. That said, with a single Access point, although we call it mesh, its just a WiFi extender.

The term Access Point also gets in the way. It has always referred to a device that was Ethernet connected to the router. With the software upgrade that enables mesh on Peplink APs, they are no longer just Access points, they are also Mesh Points.

Just like modems don’t do modulation or demodulation any more, so too Mesh Points will still be called Access points.

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